That Four-Letter Word

Yesterday I exercised my right as an American citizen living abroad and dragged the baby and my husband to the embassy to cast my absentee ballot.

That’s right, I voted.

And since I didn’t get one of those little stickers that showed that I performed my civic duty, I am going to tell you the three reasons why I ventured out with newborn baby in tow to expose my breasts in public, sweat like a roasting pig, and put my health at risk by breathing in billions of suspended particulates just to cast a vote that may not be counted until days after the fat lady sings.

1. My children and yours will inherit the earth. Just because my kids currently live in pollution that looks like this, doesn’t mean yours has to.

2. Taxation without representation. If we are legally bound to bailout the fatcats and rescue the small frys while everything else is going straight into the shitter, I shouldn't I have a hand on the flusher?

3. If you don’t vote these people or these people will vote for you.

So, please fucking vote.


American Girl in the UK said...

I hear you, Stepford Wife! I'm sweating it out here in the UK hoping my absentee ballot makes in it time! These are scary, scary times in the U.S.A. Every vote is going to be needed. Keep the faith!

Brandi said...

I will be there on voting day! Thank you for taking the time to do go and vote! We sure do need it!
Pray for our leaders, pray for the voters and pray for our country!

Anonymous said...

It's my first time EVER voting, this year. I've been far too apathetic; thinking it made not a difference. This time it certainly does.

My reasons are the same as yours. I feel horrible that our children have to dwell in this; this is what has been left to them. But you're right! It CAN be different for their children.
As far as bailin out fat cats, I don't see anybody stepping in to bail us out while the oil companies take us for every penny in our pockets. But wait! It's not about US, is it?

Anonymous said...

So glad you voted! "FIRE ON YA!"

Crazy Momma said...

Yeah for absentee ballots! I will be down there voting on November 4th. Personally, even though I have been very involved in this election, I can't wait for it to be over!!!

Anonymous said...

Voting is a civil right, hard-won for women, African Americans, and other citizens, and the foundation of our democracy. So VOTE it is a monumental time in History why not be part of it! SAGGY MOM LUVS YA!

Imogen Lamport said...

Wow - scary videos - glad you voted. I so believe in voting - there are countries where people die to get the vote, where their votes are not counted because of corruption - when you have the chance you have to do it - don't vote - don't complain.