One Straight Jacket, Size Small

More than once recently, I have thought that the world has gone fucking mad. There are too many examples to cite from our collective cultural crap hole so I'll spare you. But you live on this planet, you know what I am talking about don't you?

I am not sure if it is the madness that has kept me away from blogging for a year or if it has brought me back. But I can say one thing for certain: living in a house with two children four years old and nearly two years old combine with my live-in nanny who is a raging born again Christian, and the fact that I still don't have any friends here, my desire to cruse, be rude, irreverent, and an all around heathen during the 9 to 5 work day was starting to drive me to distraction. Where else but over here at the SWC Headquarters can I be all of these things and more?

In addition to wanting to say "Oh Fuck!" every once in awhile, I also came back because we had the occasional good times over here, haven't we?

And speaking of "over here," I forgot to mention that I was transfered from the gated community on the hill to a mini-mansion on a private cove over-looking a bay. I know, sounds exciting but really, this place is just one big padded cell.

And hey, I am about to become a mother of three so y'all know I am a bit "touched" as the polite ladies in the American South used to say.

If there is anyone out there, throw me a bone. What has been driving you nuts since you last graced the halls the SWC visiting room?

Image by Annalucylle/flickr


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

I'm back and I might add that it is about fucking time. I'll be honest. I haven't missed blogging. It is too much work and plus Facebook is easier but not nearly as fun (everyone is so damned earnest on FB, what gives?).

I have from time to time visited this blog, hoping that my password would come back to me and after many failed attempts here I am, whatever that is worth.