At the Weekend

Don’t you just love when British people say “at the weekend” when we Americans know that it is “on the weekend?” I mean, come on! As if we need to have any further confirmation that the lilypad of a landmass called England is better than the U.S. of A.

You Brits already have the higher currency, universal health care and politicians who have not had lobotomies. I've watched CSPAN. Ya’ll can throw down in Parliament.

Anyway, this weekend I have decided to take a bit of a blogging break. Let’s see if I can cure myself of this most strange addiction and actually focus on my “serious” writing.

Plus Hub recently said to me, “It is pathetic that the most exciting thing going on in your life is a blog.”

Just how do you Brits say “ouch" in fancy English?


American Girl in the UK said...

Hey there, Ms. SW, I think "Ouch!" in Brit speak would be either: "Rather" -- pronounced in an elongated fashion, i.e., "rah-ther"; OR, the more obnoxious and preferable version to me: "Oo-oo-ooo!" with an accompanying, extended inflection of the voice.
p.s. Who says blogging isn't SERIOUS?
p.s.s. "at" the weekend, "on" the weekend. Just glad its the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Where are you?
The weekend is over and I keep coming back looking for gossip.

Mariecel said...

Love this post - and wonderful blog!
Thanks for dropping by mine =)