Character Assassination

I am but a mere rookie in this game of blogging, but I have been "tagged." After a quick investigation, I discovered that tagging in the blogosphere is not like "tagging that ass" as they say in America, but rather something a bit more refined. I should have known because Mariecel who keeps it real over at Cosmopolite-Kaffeeklatsch is very discerning.

I gather that the rules are as follows: list 7 things about yourself and then get 7 other bloggers to do the same. You know, like good old fashion chainmail. I always sucked at this in elementary school so I am leery about trying to beat my personal bet now.

But sure, I'll play. Though I am feeling mighty evil today so I am changing the rules a bit. I am going to tell you fourteen things that you may not know about me. Then I am going to tag the seven blogs that come up in Blogger under "Next Blog" (look up, to the tool bar, to the left.... that's it).

1. I am not true Blonde.
2. Despite appearance, my boobs are real.
3. I do not believe in wearing workout gear outside of the gym, as in no workout gear as casual wear. And in my universe, wearing a sweatsuit after twelve noon is gauche. So is wearing sneakers with dresses. But, I think tennis skirts are cute and can be worn at anytime of day.
4. I was once held hostage by a rebel group in Latin America.
5. I also have connections in the world of organized crime.
7. I am a people person.
8. I am over big label bags.
9. I grew up in California, moved to New York City, then back to California, then to Italy, then back to New York, followed by brief stints in Ohio, Texas, California again and then back to New York City. Now I live in Hong Kong.
10. I am a Doctor.
11. This blog is an outlet for my evil twin sister who takes possession of my body at random moments.
12. I have a flesh and blood twin sister who is occasionally evil.
13. I hate rules and when people tell me what to do and fashion mandates and acting my age (which by the way, according to the Mayan calendar is either 28 or 163).
14. I have the exterior of a cranky irreverent blowhard but really, I'm just a kitten.

Above, there is one statement that is not true. If you figure it out and tell me the correct answer, I will send you an authentic can of tainted milk or a bucket full of toxic toys sent directly from the manufacturer in China.

And here comes the fun part. These are the random folks that I tagged.

Raili R-K







And I also hit up American Girl in the UK and JB over at Gathered Tribe


American Girl in the UK said...

Okay, I really sucked at this kind of thing in school, too. Can you tell me once again, more slowly, how this tagging thing works...

Mariecel said...

Hahaha... I haven't heard the phrase 'going steady' since high school! Sure, why not?

You have quite an interesting random list there. As for the odd one out - I'm choosing the one that strikes me as the scariest, #8.

I may have left everything to be a stay at home mom, but I still love me some Kate Spade =P

Chat Blanc said...

loving the random facts! a real life twin with an evil twin personality--I sooo get that! ;)


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you lived in Ohio.