We're the Save'ums

Cool fall weather has arrived in Hong Kong at long last. Of course, I write this knowing that in a matter of minutes the weather will change to a damp chilled-to-the-bones days of pollution and fog that characterizes winter in these parts.

But anyway….

This morning, in commemoration of the changing seasons and in the effort of turning back time, I broke out all of my face creams, lotions, oils and started applying them in earnest. But that is when I noticed that most of my creams had turned to water or worse: some gloppy form of way beyond its shelf life mess. It seems that while I have spent the past couple of years aggressively evading the care of my skin that my beauty products shriveled up and died.

I took it all in stride until I decided to open my closet that has become a tomb over the past year and blew off the dust from the boxes of shoes that I have hardly worn and dresses that were purchased for special occasions that never arrived. And it hit me.

I have a problem.

Though I live for today, I have a habit of spending for tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t spend beyond my means. I am not a shopaholic. I hate shopping actually, but when I do, I make sure that I purchase exactly what I want, regardless of the price.

Thankfully, I have a natural predilection for being cheap. However, over the years I have accumulated some costly kick ass gear. But oddly, from clothes to cosmetics to shoes to purses to jewelry I have bought more than a few things that rarely see the light of day. It seems that the more expensive the item, the less I wear it out in public.

But no more. From here on out, everyday is going to be worthy of my most luscious ensembles. I am going to be the belle of my own ball, damn it. I’ll admit that it is about time, as most of my stuff is at least fifteen years old anyway.

And I’ll tell you what, I will look so good that no one will ask me why I am dressing like Milli of Milli Vanilli.

Who thought those guys were actually singing these songs?


D said...

I will admit that I actually use to sing along to "Blame It On The Rain." Then again, I was like 11 at the time.

Anonymous said...

hhmm..We have similar shopalosophy. I love to shop, but only online. I would rather have one nice outfit than ten cheap outfits. When I see something I have to have, I mean I HAVE to have, regardless of price.
I go through phases, I guess like you. For periods of time, I'm all about being perfectly couture and then I go back to wearing jeans and t's.
Will you be at the tea today dear? I have missed you!

An American Girl in the UK said...

Thank you for the Milli Vanilli flashback. Just one question...were you Milli, or Vanilli? Which one was I?

angie said...

I am So similar to you in my "shopalosophy" (did Mannequin just coin that?) that it's eerie. I err on the cheap side, but I'd rather have a few great pieces than a bunch of junk. However,the more expensive, the less I wear it. :) Lets see some pictures of these outfits!