Occupational Hazard

After the excitement of Tuesday’s election, I have been forced to settle down to more practical matters.

Today I had to go to the doctor. The problem, it seems, is a growth. For months now I have had growth on my wrist. I know, I know it would have been much more intriguing if I had a growth somewhere else and then later discovered that it was the unbirthed head of an evil triplet. Anyway, this growth is called a ganglion cyst. Apparently, the cyst has formed on the tendon of my middle finger. It seems as though my frequent past time of flipping people off comes with a side effect.

And speaking of side effects, after the visit to my doctor I went next door to another doctor’s office to see about my other growth—the one that I euphemistically call my "belly."

Like flipping people off, pregnancy and birth has some side effects too. Some are more common than others. And I just when thought that I had bounced back from forty extra pounds, loose joints, sore boobs, nausea and exhaustion followed by months of insomnia, I am hit with some new information.


What is this PRSMD you say? According to my doctor I suffer from “postnatal rectus sheath muscle diasthesis.” Funny, I thought it was called (and spelled) diastasis, but what do I know? I am only allowed to practice medicine in Ukrainian prisons.
Basically, it means that my stomach muscles have separated. No biggie you may think to yourself, all pregnant women experience some of this. And you would be correct. But few women have their muscles separate so much that they are faced with the horrifying reality of fitting into their low waist skinny jeans but having to wear maternity tops for the rest of their lives.

This can only be summarized in one word: Yuck.

My doctor, a smartly dressed woman who has an accent that sounds a lot like Nigella Lawson, which I used to find quaint until she told me that surgery is inevitable. Actually she said this:

“Sure you could workout, but there are only a few exercises you can do and your separation is so wide that you really are going to need surgery. So you better hurry up and decide if you are going to have more children. And if another child is in the offing, I would recommend that you start trying in about two months.”

No, you wouldn’t be wrong to scream (along with me) WTF?!

But the Mister has always been geeked for three kids and is now campaigning hard for the next installment. He is, of course, less interested in adopting.

But me? I am not so sure.

Is three really the new two?

Should I drink the Kool Aid?


Anonymous said...

Drink it baby, drink it.
Well, YOU can but I'M not.

Maybe a second opinion would render a more palatable solution. Find a doctor that says what you want to hear. That's what I do.

What a sec. You have TWO? Boy? Girl? One of each? What if you throw off the balance of power?

I'd deal with the cyst and live with fashionable tent dresses.

SWC said...

You are so talented (I know from your blog) that if you make me a tent dress, I'll drink the kool aid.

Two boys. Can't through the balance of power cuz mommy is head dictator in charge.

Mariecel said...

I agree 100% with mannequin.
I grew up in a family where almost every family had at least three kids. Hubby grew up an only child and has only one cousin (that he keeps in contact with). We both agree that more siblings are great, but we stopped at four.

About the PRSMD - the whole skinny jeans and maternity tops thing is so familiar to me right now. How did you end up going to the doctor for that? Is it painful?

Oh, and I left a question for you after you comment on spitting... something about Southern China, but I can't remember at the moment =P

An American Girl in the UK said...

"3, is a magic number." -- see, we were all brainwashed as children.
p.s. I'm only a bill.

Imogen Lamport said...

I had a ganglion on my wrist once, and a friend who was a doctor just whacked it with a book - not sure if that was the correct treatment or not.

I have 2 kids and my rationale (apart from being too old) was that you don't want the kids to outnumber you - you only have 2 hands and need to keep the balance of power.

also, when I did my training in workshop facilitation, they tell you to only ever break people up into even numbered groups if possible as you get concensus more quickly that way - so if I was going to have more than 2 kids I would have had to go for 4 - and there was no way that was going to happen.

So the important question is - how many kids can you fit on a golf cart?

I have a friend who has that separated stomach muscles issue and she's booked in for surgery - she looks permanently 6 months pregnant and is always getting asked when she's due - she's sick of that! She can't wait to get it sorted out.