What Would Angelina Do?

Life is happening over in these parts. Let's just say that a series of unfortunate events has resulted in a not so brief stint in solitary confinement at the Chinese equivalent of the Betty Ford Center. And who knew that Burberry had an exclusive line of clothing for female detainees?

Anyway, I am turning to you all out there in the ether for a little seriously needed advice.

It seems that my application for a position at the car wash is under consideration. I am being asked to drag my rump to the other side of the world to meet the manager and perform a wax job or two.

Though there are many potential problems with all of this, including the damage to my artistic soul as I face yet another reminder that a woman can not eat on her words alone, the biggest worry is what to do with my brand spanking new nine month old baby who is still nursing, esp. at night and loves him his mamma.

Do I take him and subject him to the 16 hour flight in (gasp!) coach? Live through the pain of killer jet lag and then a random baby sitter for a few hours (through a trustworthy service)and hope that I never have to tell the folks at the car wash that my son is holed up in the hotel waiting for me to come back so they shouldn't ask me do any additional buffing or help park the cars or see if I can work the computer in the front office?

If I leave him home he will be in the care of his father and much loved nanny. He will also be with his brother. But away from the boob. And he gets really, really cranky without me. And I am none to keen to wean him or be away from him either. We are talking 4 nights and 5 long days away from each other. Plus, I will also be with out my eldest child which is already causing me some major anxiety.

Angelina Jolie never has to think about these things, I know. But I cannot get the US embassy to give my nanny a short term visa. However, I did manage to use some miles that I didn't know I had to get myself a buisness class seat for the return flight. Of course, the flight to the soul crushing interview is fully booked and I am on a very long waiting list for an upgrade.

The mere thought of jetlag and long haul flights and blitz travel is making my head spin.

So I'm getting all woman on the street about this.

What would you do?


Noah's Mommy said...

well that is quite a quandry isn't it....damned if you do....and damned if you don't....I guess...if the short term...doesn't outweigh the long....I guess take him....or...you could leave him...and chalk it up to a good character building experience for all involved....(sorry I know I'm absolutely NO help...must be why I'm unemployed)

Imogen Lamport said...

Given the length of time away, not taking would be difficult on both him and your boobs.

Taking means finding a nanny at the other end, someone who he doesn't know.

This is called rock and hard place hotel.

I think it's better to take as you will only be away from him for shorter periods. At 9 months they are very clingy and 5 days would be too hard on him.

No ideal solution, except to not get a job, or tell the head honcho of the car wash to come to you.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

If you really want the job, take the baby with you. Your boobs will explode in 5 days. And even if you pump, you'd have to either dump it (a tragedy) or freeze it. (You'll have a freezer in your hotel room? I doubt it.)

The flight is do-able, it's the care situation once you arrive that needs to be worked on. If you can find an arrangement there that you are comfortable with, I think everything else will work.

SWC said...

Hi Noah's Mommy, its been along time. Anyway, true. damned if I do, damned it I don't.

Imogen, I am turning to you for make up tips. Loved the latest post on your blog.

Nicole, you are the voice of reason. You are right, it can be done. I'm gonna bring the little guy and hope that he sleeps on the flight and that he likes his baby sitter!

Margo said...

Go for it and take him. But it sounds like you have decided that already... hope it goes well - things have a way of working out

Mama Bear #1 said...

girl you know i've done campus visits in all states of pregnancy, maternity, and lactation. check the vibe from the dept., but i'd say definitely take him, and tell them you need to bring him. and they can probably help you arrange child care. unless you get the vibe this place is so afraid of lady parts the mere sight of a recently birthed kid will make them queasy. JB