It Takes All Kinds

Usually the hump days between Christmas and New Year’s are really difficult for me. It is a time of reflection, a time to stare deep into that pit where my soul should be and a time question the clarity of my psychic’s crystal ball. Often, this time of year can be one of longing, regret, self-pity binge eating, binge drinking, binge buying, and binge binge-ing.

Thankfully though, it has been a banner year over here at SWC.

There were the obvious joys of 2008: the birth of my second son, my husband’s promotion, my first level 8 typhoon, the offer of a book contract, watching my first son grow from a baby to a toddler, my trips to Bali, Cambodia, and India, Obama winning the election, and discovering that I can wear the color red.

However, behind these blessed events where the low points of the year: the hospital error that caused my second son to stay in the NICU for a week for invasive testing, the flooding from the typhoon, my unemployment after I, in my infinite wisdom, rejected the offer on my book, the global market meltdown, losing my ipod, and discovering that a Christian charity had acutioned off my soul on ebay for 49 cents.

But what has turned out to be a real boon this year has been my 3 ½ months tooling around the blogosphere. Contrary to what my husband thinks, the people who read this blog (or at least look at the photos) are only occasionally my evil twin sister and my mother and while I extend my thanks to them there are a few others, complete strangers, who I would like to say thanks to. So here is a big fat smooch from me to you. Thanks for stopping by SWC to comment, advise and in the case for some of you, giving it your all with some very nasty pool dancing.

Because of you all I shall continue to remain friendless, pale, and bleary-eyed.
I will blame my extra 10 pounds and cellulite on poor genes.


Anonymous said...

pole dancing: the art nothing meets art for the sake of nothing. Love: your evil twin sister

SWC said...

Nurse Ratched is that you?

Are you hitting the bottle again? How's Tiny Tim and that cad of a live in lover of yours, Geppetto?

Anonymous said...

fa la la la la....It is such a merry time of year. Bells are ringing and hearts are singing. At least that's what happened when I tried Godiva White Chocolate for the first time.
I am thankful for self induced fa la la la's.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Why would you need the sun or friends? YOU HAVE A BLOG!

Happy New Year!

Imogen Lamport said...

Happy New Year and let's hope that things improve and small electronic items don't get lost im 2009!

Thanks to you too for coming by my blog - I appreciate every reader I get!

Anna Lefler said...

"...the pit where my soul should be..." *snort*

What a great post - and right back at ya, sister.

Happy New Year.



Mariecel said...

Hope you had a happy new year!

Noah's Mommy said...

Well heck...if I can't be the catalyst for excessive weight gain...then I've failed miserably....sigh...well there is always this year....and you can tell the hubby...I love reading you....like thousands enjoy reading twilight...and that is a good thing....promise....Happy New Year...SWC...and I wish you more sleep....